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Since Vimeo has become an increasingly popular video sharing platform, we wanted to help its users and create a free Vimeo video converter. If you like high-quality videos, you must have heard of this platform by now. The videos featured on this website are HD and amazing to watch, as they feature lots of wonderful, original materials. allows you to take this experience to the next level.

6 Easy Steps to Use Our Vimeo Video Converter

1. Choose an awesome Vimeo video

2. Copy the video’s URL from the address bar

3. Go to and paste it into the search box

4. Pick the format you need to convert into

5. Hit the Convert now button

6. Congratulations! Enjoy your converted files

Reasons to Use This Vimeo Downloader

• provides both audio and video files

• Our tool is available online and it is free

• No need to download this converter in order to use it

• It doesn’t require any software installation

• It lets you download the new files onto any device

Converting is Incredibly Fast and Easy

You can use to download a video from Vimeo to mp4, for example, in only a few seconds. Moreover, all the popular formats available on are neatly spread into audio and video options for easy access, allowing you to decide faster.  All in all, using this tool will introduce you to a more effective and organized way of handling your converted files. Try it and see for yourself.

Our Vimeo Downloader Impresses Through Quality

We all know that Vimeo is an amazing platform that encourages creativity and lets people share their potential with the world. Anyone can create, post and share high-quality videos here. The creators of share the same vision and felt inspired by this cool website to create a free clear-cut tool that is super-simple to use and makes Vimeo converting a piece of cake. It seems like a tool that gives you the option to convert videos from Vimeo to mp3 was bound to be the next natural step in the platform’s evolution. When a site’s popularity increases, the tools created for it will inevitably be more versatile and integrated. This is the reason why this Vimeo downloader was created and enhanced to optimum efficiency for user convenience.

Extra Features of the Vimeo Downloader

Additionally, has a smart trimmer feature to use in case you would like to grab a smaller portion of the video you are planning to convert. Let’s say you only need a snippet from a particular clip. allows you to crop a fragment out of a file and download only the part you’re interested in. You’ll find our trimmer feature below the search box, in the Advanced options menu. Simply insert the time stamp where you would like the video to start and finish before pressing the Convert now button. This option is great for getting the desired results faster and more efficiently. By supporting the most popular video and audio formats, this online Vimeo video converter is versatile and fun to use.

The Vimeo Downloader With HD Results

You can use our free Vimeo video converter to do all the work for you, without installing it on your computer. Simply reap the benefits of this fast, fun experience! Now you can enjoy having high-quality results on your device whenever, wherever, without depending on an Internet connection.