Free Video File Uploader and Converter is a free online converting tool that you can safely and effortlessly use whenever you need to change the format of your already saved videos. This unique feature of our video converter comes in very handy, regardless of the type of formats you intend to obtain: you have the option to easily convert avi to mp4, mkv to avi, and even avi to mp3. Upload any video from your device, and decide the available audio or video formats you want to achieve with the help of this video converter.

A Video File Converter to Use in Just 5 Steps

1. Choose a video from your collection

2. Simply upload it on

3. Select the format you need to convert into

4. Press the Convert now button

5. You’re welcome! Your file is ready

A Versatile avi to mp4 Converting Tool

This first-rate video converter gets its versatility from the vast array of formats it offers. Anyone can instantly upload and convert a video to mp4, to mp3, or various other files, without learning any complicated procedures in advance. The conversion process is intuitive and simple, which is a huge plus when trying to get things done efficiently. The most popular formats to convert into include:

  • mp4 to avi
  • mkv to avi
  • avi to mp3

This avi to mp4 Tool Saves Precious Time

The convenient list on the site’s homepage lets you choose exactly what file types can be obtained with this free video converter. Having such a system maximizes the time you will have to thoroughly enjoy your converted files after using

Get HD Files with Our mp4 to avi Converter

The best way to enjoy both audio and video files nowadays is in HD. Image quality makes a huge difference when working with this type of files, especially because a clear sound or a crisp image set the tone for the entire project. They might even be the essential elements responsible for success. Our mp4 to avi converter strives to offer only the best services to its visitors for precisely this reason. Art lovers will definitely appreciate having the option to appreciate a huge array of music and visual clips the way they were meant to be seen.

Convert avi to mp4 for Free

As modern times require an increasingly faster and smarter rhythm of evolution,  there are now many options available when working with digital data, so a free online mp4 to avi converter becomes a necessity.  You can convert avi to mp4 or to mp3 with this optimized video file converter. It will surely help you organize your files better and it will simplify your work. Using a video file converter brings a lot more utility and creativity for you. Our video to mp4 converting tool benefits of rich features in order to enhance your projects, get you inspired, or simply let you enjoy watching your favorite videos in high definition.