Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use is a free online tool. This video converter does not require download or installation in order for any user to have full access to all its functions.

How do I convert a video file on

You can convert a video file in 5 simple steps:

1. Open a video in your browser
2. Paste the link of the video into the search box
3. Select the video/audio format you need
4. Press the Convert now button
5. Congrats! Your file is available

Is it possible to download the converted audio/video file from

After the conversion process, press the Download button on the same page and the online video converter will instantly download the desired file to your device.

Does offer any additional features, aside from converting and downloading videos?

Yes. You can use the Advanced options of our online video converter to select the start and finish of the final video or audio file and only download a segment of it to your device.

Where do I find the URL of the video I want to download?

Visit or and open the desired video. The URL is usually located on the top of your browser window, in the address bar.

What is a video/audio format?

A video format is a way for computers to store all the information in your video or audio file by compressing it in various ways, and making it compatible with various devices or programs.

Why are there so many formats?

Different formats and file extensions can be used to create downloadable movies, store audio, and visual online streams, stream videos on low bandwidths, reduce file sizes and much more.

Why do I need to convert a video file and which format to choose?

Some video formats are best when working with editing software and not all formats are compatible with every device out there. When choosing a format for your video, you should think about your end goal. What do you want to do with the video? The answers can vary from editing the file, putting it on a website, share it on an online video platform, watch it on a TV or computer screen, etc.

What audio formats can I convert into on

The audio formats offered by are: mp3, aac, m4a and wav.

What video formats can I convert into on

The available video formats to convert into are: mp4, flv, ogg, webm, mkv and avi.

What websites can I download videos from?

So far you can convert files from Youtube and Vimeo, but since we are constantly working to improve our services, who knows what the future will bring? Stay tuned to find out.

Can I convert and download videos from any website?

For the moment, the only websites you can convert and download video and audio files from on are the popular YouTube and Vimeo platforms.