How to Set Up Your Videos for Social Media Portals

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how to increase viewer engagement for social media videos

All social media platforms we use every day to express our sympathy or outrage are the fastest changing decks on the web. Thus, all content that is shared via these social media platforms doesn’t necessarily have to follow the trends.


We both know it: the online community will feed our business. So, how do we prepare our visual content to be social media friendly?


Facebook and Snapchat are both bringing billions of daily unique views to your videos.


What is a social video?


A social video is all about the ability to engage viewers and meant to be shared through social media portals. They may not get millions of views but still be profitable.


The growing power of videos is well recognized among millennials who are spending less time than ever before in front of the TV and more time watching videos on their devices.


Moreover, rich visual content appreciated by users will always be encouraged by social media algorithms.


Hence, video content is on the rise and it’ll become the most impelling factor behind the traffic you’ll be making. So basically, in a few years, you will probably watch this article rather than reading it.


Here are 9 tips on how to track and improve viewer engagement so you can take social media by storm with your videos.



  1. Do your keyword research


“How-to” videos are among the most searched for visual content online. A topic, however, must be firm and stiff in its depiction to engage viewers and followers.


Before you hit “Let’s roll!”, you’ll want to find out what people are typing when they are looking for your content. Social media offers you up-to-the-minute visual content. So, do your study to find out more what draws users towards engagement.


Lastly, include keywords in your title to make a splash.



  1. Original content is key

Creating material that other people want to see doesn’t have to be that difficult, right? Especially if you’re not exactly a novice in this industry.


We give some ideas on what type of visual content that covers the biggest social media trends:


  • Social media updates
  • Tutorials and presentations
  • Your own personal story
  • Products testimonials: from beauty products to the latest gadgets


Keep in mind that whatever you choose to share, you need to incorporate your emblematic personality into your message, as well.



  1. Invest in a cool device

Whether we’re talking about a camera or a smartphone, you want quality that will get noticed. A powerful device will always be key to a successful live stream on social media.


For instance: DSLRs help you take both high-quality videos or photos, action cams are more suited for action people who want to live stream on the move.


Bloggers everywhere can rejoice: there are cool alternatives for everybody.





  1. Try an easy to use video editing software

Choose a rich feature video editor tool for your needs. Crop it, trim it, cut it and split it in a blink of an eye. Moreover, if you like, you can change the color balance and add various filter and post-production visual effects to make it look stylish and cool.


Keep in mind to select an editor that supports animated text and titles or one that will help you add your favorite music tracks and hundreds of unique visual effects.


Lightworks is probably the most powerful free video editing tools for post-production, which lets you combine several sections of footage before uploading, while the color correction and real-time video effects help you achieve an authentic look.

Lightworks was also the choice of so many award-winning professional editors who worked on the set of Pulp Fiction,  Moulin RougeThe King’s Speech,  The Wolf of Wall Street.





  1. Engage viewers with visual icons and stock clips

It can get real dull for your viewers to watch the very same shot of you during the whole video’s length.


Kill the boredom by implementing some dynamic floating action buttons moving across the screen.


The floating action button that looks like a social icon will link your video to your other social media networks: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and others. Be wise to take advantage of that!


Be enthusiastic, but subtle: help your fans navigate from one social portal to another by creating smooth and intuitive animations.




  1. Record screencasts

What better way to make users commit to your channel if not by guiding them in an easy-to-follow-way?


Between you and me, users are constantly seeking visual evidence of your knowledge and coaching skills.


A fantastic way to prove your creativity and talent would be to generate screencasts and screen recordings. Therefore, try to make use of a screen recording tool that allows you to record your entire screen or to capture the details of the screen more clearly with the zooming in the feature.


The Camtasia Studio tool is supported by both Windows and Mac OS and will also leave you the option to edit audio tracks separate from your video so you can narrate that part later.



  1. Create a hashtag

Although hashtags were made famous by Twitter, they are now used by the entire social media community.


Hashtags connect public posts that were shared on social media from all different users into one single stream. Hashtags add immense value to your posts, however, be careful not to use too many because they can become confusing and annoying.


As far as you’re going to use hashtags, anybody searching for that specific hashtag may find your post and for that matter make sure you use relevant hashtags that perfectly describe the content you’re about to share with your followers.




  1. Get to know Video Analytics

It matters to both marketers and creators.


Regardless of the number of views your video received, there are several video metrics to look for when analyzing your social media traffic:


  • the average duration of the video watched
  • the demographic breakdown of the social media viewers: age, gender, country
  • the amount of time a person watched the video by 95%




  1. How to deal with haters

Truth be told, some users might disagree with your ideas and that’s called social media interaction.


If you are running a social media page, you should be prepared for some controversy or unluckily, conflicts. You might experience some levels of abuse anywhere throughout the video social media portals but that’s no reason to quit social media.


Your followers are humans and humans often react in anger or emotion.


Take time in developing a good response to those who viciously comment on your videos.  If you understand your audience and respond them correctly, a troll will prove to be of immense value.



Concluding thoughts


Whether you want to grow a social media career or simply want to raise awareness on important social matters, building a reliable and consistent online presence can significantly boost your video traffic.


Because video is going to be bigger in the following years, the best way to succeed is to remain unique and create engaging content.


In the end, fans just want to feel they are becoming committed with a real person’s universe and not a fake personality.

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how to increase viewer engagement for social media videos
How to Set Up Your Videos for Social Media Portals

All social media platforms we use every day to express our sympathy or outrage are the fastest changing decks on the web. Thus, all content that is shared via these social media platforms doesn’t necessarily have to follow the trends.   We both know it: the online community will feed our business. So, how do … read more >