Top vlogging websites for a promising content creator

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Vlogging is a fun pastime. It is gaining a huge amount of popularity lately, and for good reason. Vlogging is an excellent way of expressing your most unique creative side and sharing it with everyone in the world.


Hence, popular video sharing websites are gaining more and more diversity thanks to dedicated content creators and the videos they post online, for all to enjoy in a safe and legal environment.


The new kid on the block


YouTube is huge. Everyone has somehow heard of it by now. It has revolutionized fields from education to entertainment. But users have been noticing a new up-and-coming platform called Vimeo generating quite the fan base lately.


What makes this platform so special is the fact that it has started giving YouTube a run for its money and now YouTube is no longer the only vlog-hosting website on the Internet.


vlogger geek with his camera


People are starting to use Vimeo to post vlogs. Although there are not that many of them, the typical Vimeo vlogger is just as driven and creative as any. This platform definitely has a different look and feel compared to YouTube, so only time will tell what potential accomplishments it stands to gain. It’s looking good so far, though.


The advantage of coming in second is that you can always learn from your competitor’s oversights. Vimeo offers viewers the chance of adding free content and various payment options, from free to business options.


You may experience an incompatibility between the video formats available on your camera and the best formats for the web. In this case, you will want to use a no download video converter to convert your video into a different one. VideoConvert provides this quick and easy solution, which you don’t need to spend any time learning how to set up.


YouTube, vlogging, and the future of entertainment


YouTube needs no introduction, as it is the most popular website at the moment for both streaming and uploading videos. It strives to create a safe, innovative environment for people to come together and share their passions or engage in open-minded communication on a virtually endless variety of topics.


The most popular youtubers known today are part of this ever-growing community. They are great examples of what you can achieve as long as you have a real passion. By observing the evolution of their content, you can clearly see that everyone has an evolution process they go through at first. And this is precisely one of the reasons vlogging is so much fun.


The popularity of online vlog streaming websites


You may want to keep some things in mind before, during and even after filming a vlog. Searching online for tips on how to make your videos look better is essential for this step. Feel free to take advantage of all the articles you can find.


YouTube paved the way for huge changes and is extremely popular all over the world. A unique community of users, with specific styles, opinions and values has formed around it and it is increasing every day.


YouTube is definitely the top contender, with over a billion users. Nevertheless, Vimeo is rapidly picking up the pace and has gained a few hundred million individuals already interested in posting and watching original content as well.


As a both a YouTube and Vimeo converter you definitely have your pick when it comes to converting options for your videos because now, you can grab videos and convert them from both websites, just as fast and easily.


An online video converter to satisfy all tastes


VideoConvert likes to offer free chances for all, so it does not pick favorites. This is why you can use our free online tool to convert unlimited videos from both sharing platforms. You can convert as many videos as you like in video formats like mp4, flv, ogg, webm, mkv and avi.


VideoConvert can also be used with Vimeo videos. Therefore, regardless which is your favorite, YouTube or Vimeo, you know you can always return to to transform your videos into any of the useful formats available on the site for free.


So now, you have more options for creating vlogs and bringing out your true potential. Use all the resources at your disposal and have fun with it!

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