The 6 Best Formats to Use a Video File Converter With

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Today’s modern world is full of great potential and variety. You can find solutions for anything you can think of, provided you know how to look for them. However, there is a need for some technical knowledge to work with digital files, such as videos or photos. Even though you’re working with an intuitive video file converter, you should always choose the best format for your end goals. At you have the chance to become inspired and find the best ways of transforming your files to match any format you need. This video converter tool is both super fast and easy to use. It is a converter that brings you variety and quality in one neat package. There is no need to download the program to your device. All you need to do is a fast, simple online process to get the high-quality results your seek.



Our video file converter can use the following formats


File compatibility is greatly influenced when working with multiple devices and online platforms. features only the most popular and useful video formats for enhancing usability. Let’s see what these formats are and how to efficiently use them.


1. Mp4

This file type is usually used for storing both video and sound formats online. This kind of file contains metadata and it offers high video quality. Its file size is also extremely small due to its high degree of compression.


Being a versatile kind of file, the mp4 is becoming a very popular format to use with a video file converter. Converting YouTube videos to mp4 files have been picking up speed lately, but does it have enough potential to replace the popular mp3?


2. FLV

Flash Video is a popular video / audio compression format that uses Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air to stream video or audio online. It is a container file format and it can also be embedded in SWF files, an Adobe Flash format used for ActionScript, multimedia and vector graphics.


3. Ogg

This is a multimedia container format created by the Xiph.Org Foundation.

An Ogg file can be written and read in one pass which is the main difference between this and other file-based container formats. Internet streaming and pipeline processing are the best ways to use this format.


possible file formats to create with a video file converter

4. WebM

Google sponsored this open-source project.

This file is an open media format and its creation is optimal for internet use. The file structure of WebM is based on the Matroska media container, with files consisting of video and audio streams and text tracks, all compressed with various efficient and free-to-use codecs such as VP8 or VP9 for video, Vorbis or Opus for audio and WebVTT for text.


5. MKV

The Matroska Multimedia Container is a container format for HD online videos. Compared to other file types, this format offers the most complex multimedia experience because of the rich metadata it contains. Hence it became very popular for playing high-quality videos online.


MKV files consist of many alternate functions that increase their value. The most noteworthy are rich metadata like cover art, descriptions, ratings, multilingual subtitles and more.


VLC media player is one of the most popular choices out there for playing MKV files, therefore using it with a video file converter is a great choice.


6. AVI

This is a larger format, usable with a large variety of codecs and powered by Microsoft. This size allows for better and more elaborate editing options which can come in handy when working with a file that requires precision as well as quality.


The quality and variety our video converter offers


Mixing and matching these various file configurations can be fast, easy and effortlessly by using our video file converter. This online tool requires only basic knowledge to operate and it is extremely intuitive to use. It is also free of charge, so there’s nothing to loose.


Modifying and bringing improvements to various kinds of files was never so easy. The fact that video quality and video formats are developing more and more in our busy day and age means that great tools are in store for anyone looking to learn how to work with different kinds of files for whatever projects they might have in mind.


To conclude, we can say that having many choices and experimenting is great for learning new things, so it is a great idea to try out all the available formats and learn to make the right choices for any purpose you are working towards.

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