Main Reasons to Use a No Download Video Converter

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Technology is amazing. It brings a lot of diversity to choose from and enables everyone to have their own specific preferences. Users can also experiment with a lot of different files and formats across devices. However, this can sometimes backfire and turn into a little bit of a curse. If you have ever wanted to film and edit your own videos, you know what I’m talking about.


Why convert video files at all?


There are some situations when you just want things to be simple so that you can get your work done without any fuss, nevertheless, the following happens:


You want to watch a video on your mobile device and suddenly an irritating error appears. The never-ending loading or frozen screen are even worse.
After filming the funniest clip on your phone, you want to upload it to the Internet, but the file is incompatible with the platform, it takes forever to load, or it’s simply too large.
You have a really cool clip you want to keep forever, but it’s too big and doesn’t fit on your device.


You know how time-consuming it can get to try to fix all these problems. This is why various people have found different solutions to prevent them from happening; but who wants to impose limits on their creativity when there is one tool capable of getting the job done fast, well and free of charge?


When using this video converter online, no download is required. Anyone can convert as many videos as they need from the most popular video streaming platforms on the Internet, YouTube and Vimeo. So you know you can literally find anything in there, no matter how unique your idea might be. offers various video file formats for maximizing user convenience. The options are as follows: mp4, flv, ogg, webm, mkv and avi.


Why you need to convert video to audio


Audio books, songs, comedy shows or inspirational speeches, we can enjoy these and more types of files online for free. But what happens when the ‘online’ component crashes? Or when you don’t have a connection, to begin with?


The solution is simple: modify the file format by using an online converter. No download is previously needed, which makes the tool simply intuitive and accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. Just like video types, there are many tools out there, many of which are not worth your time and attention.


Elements a really useful video converter should have for providing outstanding results


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Be fast


This is a no-brainer, especially in today’s modern society where everything is instantly available.


Convert an infinite number of files


The ability to convert as many files as you need always comes in handy.


Have no learning curve


This ties in with the first item on the list: speed. You need to get things done quickly, no need to spend time learning how to do complicated processes and complicated tasks.


Include an intuitive interface


Anyone can use this converter because it basically tells you what to do, when to do it.


Not have too many confusing options


Choosing can get confusing sometimes, so in order to avoid confusion, a good tool should keep the available options narrowed down to those specific ones that users need.


Offer the most popular, high-quality formats


Quality is a must for any serious application, especially one that lets you successfully handle audiovisual elements.


The video to audio option


Mixing it up can offer a fun alternative to traditional converting and make things more diverse and so, offer users more options and inspiration to come up with great ideas.


Useful extra traits


People need convenience above all else. This is why a trimming feature is an excellent idea. This opens up many more options for using files efficiently.


The audio formats available to convert into on are mp3, aac, m4a, and wav. This makes it quite simple to keep it simple when selecting the type of output formats you need for your projects.


You can always use the various internet resources available, like the blog page on or How to articles, written by able professionals, to find out the difference between all these file types and get the most out of your files by applying the optimal solution and have fun with it as well. Enjoy!

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