Best video editing softwares for Windows that you have to use

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Video editing softwares for Windows

Are you the owner of a Start-Up or a small business? If you are taking your business seriously, you know that companies that use video for their marketing campaign are growing more and more each year and faster than companies that don’t use videos for their online campaigns.


Either you are a business owner, a vlogger, a person who’s passionate about videos or you just want to improve your editing skills, you came in the right place! Everyone would like to take the video editing to the next level, so today we are going to talk about programs that will help you edit your videos. In that way, you will have the right light and the best colors for your scenery. Sounds perfect, right?


Why has video editing become so popular lately?


  • Fun, fun, fun!

First of all, even if you don’t admit it, I am sure that you’re having fun using one of those apps that let you change your face with a friend. You can do it in real time or use photos. What I am trying to say is that every one of you has tried an app that is making you laugh and enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with that! Laughter is the cure for everything and if you find these video editors amusing, you should try them all.


  • Filming like a pro!

We have to admit that edited videos that look like they’ve been filmed with a professional camera have more chances to gather views on YouTube or to be liked by your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook friends. With a program that helps you put some gradient overlays or light leaks, you will make a much more cool video. For example, the intro for your video can be made with these effects and that will help you have some diversity with your videos.



The internet is unlimited


The internet nowadays offers us the chance to use some free tools for almost every modification or conversion that we want to make. You think it’s hard to get the right free tool that will fulfil your request? Actually, it’s really easy. For example, if you are looking for a free video convert tool like this, you can just access and there you have it! The easiest way to download any video you like on YouTube, Vimeo and many more to mp4, mp3, avi and other audio and video formats it’s with It’s easy and fun!

If you are looking for some free video editing programs for Windows, we invite you to read the next article so you can choose the right program for you and for your needs.



1. Windows Movie Maker


A basic and very easy to use program is Windows Movie Maker. The main screen is user-friendly and intuitive. You can trim, edit, split videos, create intros and outros for them and learn how to add titles and timeline narrations. You can create your own professional videos and add them spectacular effects and transitions.


video editing softwares - windows movie maker



2. FFMpeg


The good thing about this program is that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. If you want a program on your computer that extracts audio from a video file, FFMpeg it’s the free tool that will help you! Also, you can convert and stream digital audio and video with FFMpeg.



3. Blender


This is more than a video editing tool! Use this awesome, free, open source 3D content creation software that helps you make incredible videos. If you choose to use this program, be ready to discover some advanced features. You will not stop until you will find out how to use every option from the program.


4. Lightworks


Lightworks, like FFMpeg it’s compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. This tool will definitely steal your heart. The options are powerful and that’s why movies like Pulp Fiction, L.A. Confidential, and The King’s Speech were edited with Lightworks. If these award-winning films were edited with Lightworks then you should try it. It’s free, it’s fun and if you want to be a professional, you can also choose the pro version of this program.


video editing softwares - lightworks


The entire process sounds like this: we can download the video using, this easy-to-use tool, then use a video trimmer, free and catchy like Windows Movie Maker. After that, we can play with the video using Blender or Lightworks and it’s done! You’ve got yourself a video that is ready to be uploaded on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.


Do you know any other free programs for video editing? What do you use? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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