Month: May 2017

Boost YouTube traffic using these useful tips and tricks

A long time ago, whenever you wanted to watch a video, you could do it using a VCR. Later, the DVD appeared, then we enjoyed the apparition of cable networks. After that, the amazing YouTube was invented by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Kari, in 2005.   After 12 years, YouTube is now the … read more >

how to increase viewer engagement for social media videos
How to Set Up Your Videos for Social Media Portals

All social media platforms we use every day to express our sympathy or outrage are the fastest changing decks on the web. Thus, all content that is shared via these social media platforms doesn’t necessarily have to follow the trends.   We both know it: the online community will feed our business. So, how do … read more >

Compress videos for youtube and vimeo
4 Reasons Why Compressing Videos for YouTube and Vimeo is Vital

Whether you are already a YouTube star or you’re just new to this business and you have a video to share with the whole wide world, don’t hurry to hit the upload button on gigantic platforms like YouTube or Vimeo just yet. Uploading uncompressed files videos could go terribly wrong, especially if you are concerned … read more >