Month: January 2017

Is using an online video converter safe and legal
Is using an online video converter safe and legal?

With the rise of technology in recent years, and the invention of so many free to use internet tools, many people have started to wonder “is using an online video converter safe?” or “what if I break the law without realizing it?”   If you are so concerned about it, congratulations, you are probably already … read more >

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Main Reasons to Use a No Download Video Converter

Technology is amazing. It brings a lot of diversity to choose from and enables everyone to have their own specific preferences. Users can also experiment with a lot of different files and formats across devices. However, this can sometimes backfire and turn into a little bit of a curse. If you have ever wanted to … read more >

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Tips for Making Your Home-Made Videos Look Better

Everyone loves filming the fun events and capturing life’s important milestones, but most of the times, you can clearly tell the difference between an amateur clip and a professional one. When you’re just starting out, learning some basic information about video file types is essential.   Technical knowledge is tricky to come by unless you … read more >