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We are a passionate team of techies and we are interested in everything relating to audio and video conversion. By creating this free online video converter, we hope to heighten the practicality you have at your disposal when working with video and audio files, and we want to help make your work more enjoyable by reducing the time you spend on technical details and maximizing your creative potential. You are therefore free to focus on your ideas and making them as brilliant as they can be.

Reasons to start using Videoconvert.com today:

1. We value customer convenience the most
2. We love upgrading and enhancing our services
3. We’re always updated with the latest technology
4. We will keep your information safe
5. This is a free video converting tool


We live in a world where speed and versatility are extremely valuable. Online tools are free and easy to use nowadays, and our online video converter is no exception. You will see why this online video converter is a cut above the rest by simply using it. There is no download required for being able to fully use this free online converter. You can accomplish all the desired converting processes online, quickly and easily by using Videoconvert.com.


Our online video converter will help you convert video to mp4, avi to mp3, and so much more. You only have to try it out to discover all the potential it holds and to see just how many things you can get done when you use this convenient online video converter.


Videoconvert.com provides the service of converting both video and audio files from YouTube.com or Vimeo.com into various other file types that you need.


Here are the file formats available on Videoconvert.com:

1. Audio Formats

• mp3
• aac
• m4a
• wav


2. Video Formats

• mp4
• flv
• ogg
• webm
• mkv
• avi


This generous list offers you the possibility to mix and match each one of these formats, according to your

personal preference.


Additional Features

Moreover, you also have the trimmer option available in the Advanced options menu. This is a super-convenient trimming feature that lets you select the start and finish of the video or audio file you are about to download. Simply input the time-stamps, select the final file format, and press the Convert now button. No converting method is more simple or faster than this, and the download happens in an instant, depending on your internet connection.


Videoconvert.com is an awesome tool and everyone on our team is happy whenever they see a statistical increase in its usage. We know this means we did our job well and we will continue to do so in the future. Many improvements and additional options are coming up, so stay tuned to Videoconvert.com!


We hope you’ve enjoyed converting HD files and that you’re having fun working with them. Thank you for using our website!